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Mouu Cliq

Mouu Cliq is an all new vaping system with a patented mouthpiece design that prevents user from inhaling dust and leaks.

Mouu Cliq

World’s first vaping system with a removable mouthpiece that prevents dust and leakage.


Vaping system for the discerning smoker

We applied our design process to identify unique design opportunities in this fast growing electronic cigarette space. During the research phase, we were able to understand the benefit of this technology to smokers and how we should design it to make it more appealing for smokers to switch to this less harmful technology.

Cliq_on off2.gif

Patented Mouthpiece Design

The Cliq mouthpiece is designed to prevent users from inhaling micro-fibers that would normally get into a vape mouthpiece from user’s pockets. The micro-fibers could be dangerous considering many modern clothing are made out of polymers.


Unobtrusive Styling

The Cliq is made out of aircraft grade aluminum and is designed to be the size of a pen. Smoking should be personal and low-key and we believe vaping should be the same. For this reason, We made sure that the Cliq is very portable and discreet so users can enjoy their vape without being obnoxious to none-smokers.

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