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3G GPS Tracking device

Tag is a fully equipped 3G GPS tracking device that helps you track the things that matter most to you. With endless to-do lists in today’s big and busy world, we are constantly being reminded that it doesn’t get easier to keep an eye on the people and things that matter to us. Tag gives the ability to tag anything, giving you the freedom to look after anything, anywhere, anytime.  

Tag Packaging Design and Industrial Product Design

Client: Jaarvis Labs
Sector: Technology, Tracking
Project Year: 2014-2015


Project Scope

  • Branding Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Brand Guideline
  • App UX/UI Concept Development

Project Brief

Build Republic was approached by tech incubator Jaarvis Labs to help design and develop a wearable GPS tracking device. The project surpassed creating a physical device, but also allowed for an opportunity to explore the digital experience in order to design a well-rounded usability. 


To understand the foundation of TAG Care meant creating a branding strategy – this served to be important in effectively matching the values to the target users. We wanted TAG to have a sense of value that made people want to give their loved ones and/or use it on something that mattered to them. The motivation was to move away from the negative connotations of surveillance and tracking that is usually associated with GPS products.