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Build Republic presented the Uook collection at Salone del Mobile / SaloneSatellite 2014.

Uook "郁" (pronounced as ‘yook’) is a spoken Cantonese dialect that translates to ‘move’. Hong Kong is easily regarded as one of the most densely populated cities in the world with a typical apartment floor plans consisting of less than 500 sq. ft. Add in an average family size of 4 and space becomes a luxury. Utilizing it in the best way possible is a necessity and always a challenge in finding the right balance between staying comfortable and staying organized.

With that in mind, Uook's ideas are derived from making small changes, gaining bigger possibilities. Uook is an open design available to all



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Build Republic booth at SaloneSatellite 2014 Milan Italy

The Wall Organizer


The Uook wall organizer is based on the idea of "downloadable design", where all parts can be conveniently accessed online on open source platforms such as Thingiverse, then produced and put together with the technique of 3-D printing either right in their own homes with a desktop 3-D printer or through a service using companies like Shapeways and Sculpteo. In doing so, it opens a window of possibilities and pushes the boundaries on the future of 3-D printing by giving user the opportunity to participate in the creative process as it focuses less on the consumer and more about the customer. 

Users can easily customize and configure their ideal Uooks that specifically caters to their needs and requirements. Large or small, in the bedroom or living room, users can make as many Uooks as they want, when they want and exactly how they want- letting it grow as they go. 

Uook organizers requires no drilling and incorporates Command Strips that is easy to use and damage-free. The pieces simply attach to their corresponding piece, locking them in place and can then be attached to various surfaces.


Enter your email below to download the UOOK components.  Build and print your own wall organizer! Share with us your wall organizer on Instagram and tag #BRUook.


The Side Table

Salone 2014 Uook Side Table
Uook Side Table prototyping with wood

The idea of multi-functionality is probably one of the first things that come into mind when dealing with tight spaces. The Uook side table is an easy solution that is able to adapt to different situations around the home when needed.

We've designed it to specifically stack in two different ways, so two or more pieces, presents users the opportunity of having shelving units and with a quick re-adjustment, you get stackable stools as additional seating for guests. But of course, individuals can always opt for one, which creates a sweet little side table. 

As one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities, the Uook side table idealizes on what Hong Kong design could be and its evolvement from the more familiar traditional Chinese aesthetics. The pieces were fabricated in China using beech wood, a non-endangered species and finished with black open lacquer, leaving the wood’s natural beauty exposed.

The Side Table used as seating and can be stacked to minimize space.

Campervan for Urbo Italia


While mass production has been the standards since the industrial revolution and 3D printing/desktop manufacturing may be the future, handmade objects that are small scale is still the best way to create a product that is very "human" with very high emotional value. The goal of this bench project is to highlight these positive attributes and demonstrate the important roles of artisans and craftsmen. In addition, the stainless steel benches are handmade from scrap materials of a metal fabricating factory that manufactures building facades and large gates, therefore making it environmentally friendly.

Milanese apartment

Milanese apartment

Show bench at Salone 2014